Pre-sale Cleaning

We can help prepare your property for pre-sale display

At Melbourne Central Cleaning we understand that first impressions count. We have the proven skills and knowledge to offer you a comprehensive cleaning service, a service that guarantees to create an impact.

We cater for all property types including homes, apartments, penthouses and residential and commercial investment properties. Our clients are always impressed by our quality of cleaning and attention to detail: from cleaning of luxury apartments to spring cleaning of the family home in preparation for inspections and auction day.

After Renovation Cleaning/Builder’s cleaning:

At Melbourne Central Cleaning, we understand the attention to detail required to ensure that your newly built or renovated property is free from all plaster dust and debris and polished to perfection! After devoting all that time and effort to building or renovating your property, you want to make sure that your property is immaculately presented. We take pride in our cleaning so that you can enjoy the experience of simply moving in!

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