Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Melbourne

Inhabiting a residential or commercial structure with dirty windows can make you feel uncomfortable. The structure will also be unwelcoming especially if you like to have guests or friends to visit you. Melbourne Central Cleaning is on a mission to help your house or office look more welcoming when it comes to having clean windows. We have all it takes to serve both commercial cleaning and residential properties. They include safe & modern window cleaning equipment and of course, we have the most essential weapon which is highly-experienced professional window cleaners across Melbourne.

Window Cleaners Melbourne – You Can Trust

We are always at your service whenever you seek any of the window cleaning Melbourne services that we offer. Our professional window cleaners will help you forget about dealing with smears or dirt on your windows. The help goes beyond removing dirt or streaks on your windows. We also clean Venetian blinds, window seals, and standard windows.

Our commercial window cleaning services cater for hotel, hospital, school or office building needs. Ranked among the top window cleaners Melbourne, Melbourne Central Cleaning uses an innovative water-fed pole system to facilitate the cleaning process. Before we serve you, our experts usually assess the intensity of the work that your property needs. You will also get a price quote after this assessment.

Quality and Affordable Window Cleaning

As much as we are on a mission to help our customers get their windows cleaned, we do not compromise on quality. Our professional assistance is also affordable. We understand every aspect of customers from budget to the quality of window cleaning services Melbourne. We strive at working along with your budgetary needs.

Take Action

The present and future appearance of your property lie in the decisions you make. One of the wise decisions you can make to preserve the aesthetics of your property is to seek our professional window cleaning services. Contact us now for a free price quotation and we will get back to you promptly. We also offer carpet cleaning & end of lease cleaning services for your house cleaning & commercial cleaning needs.


How Much Time Does It Take To Clean A Window?
Well, it takes about 5-10 hours, and it completely depends on the size of the house and the number of windows to be cleaned. So, for larger windows, we send our team of professional window cleaners to get the job done as fast as possible.
How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?
We recommend cleaning your windows every six months. As rainwater deposits, bird splatter, dust, debris, salt water can damage your windows look, when it is not cleaned for a long period. Moreover, it also depends on the type of building, climatic conditions, and traffic.
Should I Hire Professional Window Cleaners?
Yes. Regular window cleaning can keep your windows in good shape. However, when you hire our window cleaners from Melbourne Central Cleaning, they will clean up the windows with the proper equipment and cleaning solutions to give incredibly clean windows.
What Is Included In Window Cleaning?
The window cleaning service includes the removal of debris, washing, and drying. If your windows are covered with stickers, paint splatters, or other build-ups, it will be removed before washing. At Melbourne Central Cleaning, we will dust the windows, scrape away all the hard dirt, bird splatters, and other deposits, and wash the windows with a mild cleaning solution.
How Melbourne Central Cleaning can make your windows sparkling clean?
Contact us today and book your appointment with us. We will make your windows sparkling clean, and leave your window exterior sparkling and a clearer view from the inside.
Should I Clean The Window Exterior & The Interior At The Same Time?
To ensure that your windows look perfectly clean and sparkling, you must clean your window exteriors and interiors. It won’t look good when the interior is clean and the exterior is dirty. So, it is better to clean both simultaneously.
Will You Clean The Window Sills & Frames?
When it comes to window cleaning, you often overlook window sills and frames. To ensure the overall look of your windows, you must all everything. At Melbourne Central Cleaning, we will do everything to make your window look great.