5 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Whether you’re an active household or a super-busy commercial facility, the importance of hiring professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne should not be underestimated. We believe that you go to great lengths to keep your carpets tidy and clean. However, when you’re unaware of the carpet cleaning process, there might be problems that you can run in to. That’s exactly what we’re going to tell you in this blog.


Over-wetting happens when the carpet machine you used doesn’t have the right amount of suction to pull the moisture from them. This is why your carpets are wet for a long period. When the carpet is left without proper drying, it can come up with issues like wrinkle marks. More so, another major problem would the growth of mold and fungi.

Left-over Residue

Your carpets act as a filter. Whether its dust or dirt or soil, all gets settled on them. Although this seems normal to you, it isn’t. When the carpet is not rinsed properly, the leftover detergent or residue acts fast to trap in the dust, soil from the atmosphere easily.  This may further ruin the look of your carpets.

Old-Looking Carpets

Many things can contribute to the damage of your carpets. And, they are

When the dirt is not removed properly: If the dirt or stain is not removed completely from the carpet, it damages the carpet fibres and makes them look old.

Using The Wrong Tools

 If you’re not a carpet cleaning professional, you should not use unrecommended cleaning machines on your carpet, it may further ruin the texture of your carpet. For example, if you are using a heavy shampooing machine on your loop carpet, the fibres of your carpets will be damaged deeply and you may have to replace them. This will put you in trouble and cost you more dollars.

Discolouration By Using Wrong Cleaning Supplies

Discolouration happens when you use harsh cleaning supplies that can damage your carpets deeply. Using the right cleaning solutions is the right way to get your carpets clean and pristine.

Bottom Line

If you don’t want to ruin your carpets, hire carpet cleaners in Melbourne from Melbourne Central Cleaning. For appointments, call 1300 855 088.