Areas In Your Office That Need Regular Cleaning – Find Out!

Is your office clean inside out? Do you feel refreshed or put down by the office appeal? Whatever the case, office cleaning is a serious task and requires an expert office cleaners team to help you out. First and foremost, office cleaning in Melbourne is more of a health and safety requirement that provides a safe and comfortable workplace for all. Apart from carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and general dusting, certain areas in your office need your attention regularly. In today’s blog, let’s look at the areas that require regular cleaning. Let’s get started.

Under The Chairs

No matter how many times you pull the chair to sit, stretch or grab them to reposition, you have not watched the buildup of dirt and dust underneath. So, ask your commercial cleaners in Melbourne  to clean and dust the chairs thoroughly on the underside and stop the transmission of dust and debris.

Light Bulbs

Over time, you may notice light bulbs collect dust and cobwebs and start to look dim. The dust and debris surround the outer casings and make them look unlikely and stuffy. Regular cleaning of these bulbs will keep the bulbs clean and brightens the atmosphere instantly.


Though offices these days have moved from telephones to mobile phones, some offices still share the common phone for office purposes. Well, they can be easily contaminated and transmits germs and bacteria to employees. So, make sure to give wipe or sanitise them regularly to prevent contamination.

Air Conditioning Systems

Your office’s air conditioning system picks up a lot of dust and dirt. So, having a professional team to clean and clear the system, air ducts, and vents can help curb the buildup and keep the office atmosphere fresh and good smelling.

Hi-touch Areas

Be it any professional cleaning, the cleaning checklist involves cleaning and sanitising all the high-touch points in your office. Starting from the door handles to chair arms, desks, phones, and shared appliances, cupboards, many areas in your office need to be cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Whether you have a big office or a small space, make sure to focus on these areas when you hire a commercial cleaners team. For high-quality commercial cleaning services in Melbourne, call Melbourne Central Cleaning on 1300 85 50 88 today. Even if it’s water damaged by flood or water, we also offer carpet cleaning services, flood damage restoration in Melbourne, and more.