How To Clean Your House Windows Like A Pro?

Every home deserves clean and beautiful windows.  However, quite often window cleaning is overlooked. Did you know? Keeping your windows clean and pristine has numerous benefits. However, when it comes to window cleaning, it is necessary to have the right cleaning equipment to achieve the desired result. Having the right equipment helps to do the cleaning task freely and efficiently. Also, if you want to clean your windows like professional window cleaner, here are some of the cleaning tips that you can use.

  • Now, have the cleaning equipment ready with you and start cleaning the window, step by step. Start dusting all the cobwebs and dirt present in the window. For an effective cleaning solution, mix warm water with liquid soap or vinegar and store it in a spray bottle. You can apply this, instead of using harsh cleaning solutions. If you use, it may damage the surrounding of the windows with unlikely streaks.
  • Then apply the solution and follow the cleaning direction from top to bottom. As the solution flows towards the bottom, it’s best to do it this way.
  • Now, it’s time to clean the excess solution off the window glass. You can use a squeegee to remove the excess soap mix from the window. This helps to wipe out the sticky dirt from the glass. In case of excess soapy solution, you can use water to remove the soap liquid and follow the drying using a cloth.
  • Once the liquid is removed, use a dry cloth or a microfiber cloth and then rub it on the glass from top to the bottom direction.
  • The process of cleaning the exterior windows is also the same. However, if the windows are too high for you to reach, you need to be careful and use the ladder, safety helmets, and knee caps before starting the cleaning process.
  • Focus on one window at a time. This prevents the cleaning solution from drying and ultimately provides an efficient and effective result.

Bottom Line

Clean windows help in heat efficiency, increase comfort, block sun rays and heat from entering the room and gives an enhanced appeal from the inside out. That’s why window cleaning in Melbourne company recommend cleaning the windows twice a year. So, if you’re looking for efficient window cleaners to help you out, call Melbourne Central Cleaning on 1300 855 088.