How to Make Your Own Carpet Cleaning Solution?

It is essential to keep your carpet clean all the time. Carpets attract dust, insects, stains, germs, and spillages. Hiring carpet cleaning services and purchasing the cleaning products can be quite expensive, but you can make your own carpet cleaning solutions easily at your home. The solutions can be made from ingredients that you already have in your house. Read on to find some home carpet cleaning solutions that you can make from Carpet Cleaning Melbourne professionals.

Using a piece of cloth

If there is a spillage in your carpet, you will need to react fast so that it does not dry up. The first thing is to take a clean piece of cloth and press against the spillage until all the liquid is soaked.

Use vinegar-water solution

The next step is to mix vinegar and water to make a cleaning solution. Vinegar works well with all types of dirt and stains. You can add water and ammonia to make it more effective and increase the amount. After mixing, put the solution on a spray bottle and shake well to ensure the products are mixed.

Spray on the affected areas

Start by identifying all the areas of your carpets that require cleaning. Then spray on all the affected areas. Let the cleaning solution soak for about 10 minutes then scrub the area using a brush. It is essential that you wait up one hour to allow the solution to dry and remove the stubborn stains.

Vacuum your carpet

When the carpet cleaning solution has completely dried, vacuum your carpet thoroughly. When vacuuming, go over the affected areas twice to make sure all the debris, dirt and powder is sucked up.

You can make your own carpet cleaning solutions easily at home with the above steps instead of hiring carpet cleaners Melbourne. The solutions are highly effective, save money and works within a short time. Melbourne Central Cleaning offers the Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne from experienced professional cleaners.