Ineffective Cleaning Techniques That You Should Avoid

Everyone wants a clean environment to live and work in, but no one likes to do that hectic job. The reason is that house cleaning and commercial cleaning Melbourne jobs are laborious tasks that might take immense time and effort to get it done. There are so many DIY cleaning tips available but they do more bad than good. Here are some of the cleaning practices that you must avoid.

Using Excessive Cleaning Products

Most people have a misconception that using too much of cleaning supplies, be it bleach, detergent or soap, will provide effective results. However, this is not true at all. When you use excessive cleaning products, it makes it too difficult to wash it off. Over time, the residue will get deposited on the surfaces, resulting in faded and dull colours.

Reusing Your Dish Sponge

Dish sponges tend to be the best breeding ground for bacteria. When you repeatedly use them to clean your dishes, it will cause food-borne diseases. The best thing to do is to disinfect the sponge after every use and replace it every week.

Scrubbing Toothpaste On Silver

You would have heard or seen people rubbing toothpaste on silverware or silver jewellery to make them shine like new. Though this method works, toothpaste is quite harsh and is meant for human teeth and not for delicate silver.

Cleaning With Vinegar

From smelly microwave ovens and greasy stove tops to dirty taps, vinegar makes an ideal cleaner to clean a variety of things. You may not know that vinegar is harmful for surfaces like marble, wood and granite. Vinegar is not perfect for cleaning anything that is made of iron.

Cleaning Rust Stains With Bleach

Similar to vinegar, bleach is also widely used for a number of disinfecting and cleaning tasks. However, it is not good for cleaning rust stains. Alternatively, you can use vinegar which should be made into a paste by mixing with salt. When applied on rust stain, the paste lightens the blemish and makes it easier to rinse off.

Call In The Professionals!

The cleanliness of a place can have a serious effect on the health and safety of the occupants, so you shouldn’t take the job lightly. Instead of sticking to tested methods, it is better to contact professional cleaners.

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