Tips To Prepare Your House For End Of Lease Cleaning

Planning to settle somewhere new? Well, before you think about buying new items for your new home, or logistics, the most important thing is getting your house ready for the end of lease cleaning Melbourne. However, cleaning on your own is not a good option, to make the work easier for bond cleaners, prepare your home with these simple tips.


Decluttering your space plays a major role in the cleaning process. From trashing the unwanted things to packing your items, it makes the cleaning job easier.

Pack Your Belongings

Before packing your kitchen utensils, ensure you wash them thoroughly. After washing, gently wipe it with fibre cloth and dry it. Use bubble wraps to pack the fragile items and arrange them in carton boxes. Likely, pack all your electronic appliances after dusting, and don’t leave anything behind.

Clean The Curtains and Couch Covers

Whether it’s an additional extra or your own, you must clean them before you leave. You can either hire a carpet cleaning Melbourne services to clean the carpet area and get your curtains and couch covers steam cleaned. It is better to clean them before hiring the end of the lease cleaning service. It reduces the stress level on the final cleaning.

Make your Space Unfurnished

This is one of the important things to consider, it would greatly help the end of the lease cleaners to proceed with the cleaning efficiently. Moving the items and then cleaning would take a lot of time and exhausting throughout.

Have A Cleaning Checklist

Before hiring a bond cleaning service, you must address the areas that need deep cleaning. Normally, the kitchen and bathroom are prone to stains and hold grease stains, soap scum, filth, and dirt. Also, make sure to include your ceiling, behind the washroom, baseboards, window exteriors, bathtubs, laundry areas in your checklist. These areas often get overlooked, and when you add these in the cleaning checklist, you will able to leave the home in a pristine looking condition.

It is advisable to follow these tips before hiring, and you will able to reap the benefits during the final cleaning. To make a seamless move-out, consider hiring bond cleaning Melbourne services from Melbourne Central Cleaning. For bookings, Call 1300 855 088 today.