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Cleaning Services in Melbourne Can Help Out, No Matter Where You Are

Having carpets in your home adds to the beauty and comfort of your living space. As the play area for pets and children, your floors are a central part of your residence and require care in order to be kept free of dirt, dander, or other undesirable particles. Many people enjoy having carpeting in their house or apartment, but maintenance can be time consuming. When you choose cleaning services in Melbourne, you are putting the care of your home with someone who has the knowledge and experience that lends itself to a high quality clean. 

The Steam Cleaning Advantage

Steam cleaning is one of the most popular methods to rid carpets of unwanted dirt and residue. Finding carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne is simple, and the results speak for themselves. This alternative is extremely effective at pulling up dirt that may be too far down for traditional vacuuming or shampooing techniques. An added benefit of steam treatments is that they tend to dry quickly, which reduces the chance of moisture or mildew buildup. Because steam cleaning picks up dirt so thoroughly, it can dramatically increase the lifespan of your carpet. Ask about steam cleaning and other methods when talking to potential services to determine what’s best for your home.

Carpet cleaning in Kew is simple when you have the right company behind you.  As one of the trendiest and most historic neighborhoods, leaving the dirty work to quality technicians will let you get the most out of your beautiful home without taking time out of your life. 

Promote Your Business With Commercial Cleaning

When living in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Melbourne, keeping up appearances in Toorak is important. As the home of a thriving professional and leisure scene, it’s also important for businesses to be pristine and inviting to potential clients. Unsightly marks left over from heavy traffic can damage a customer’s impression of your business. Thankfully, if you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Toorak, you’ll find you have many options available. 

Make Your Home a tourist Destination For Your Friends and Family.

With all there is to do in St. Kilda, your friends from out of town are sure to want to visit. A tidy household is essential to a pleasant atmosphere for guests, so you may want to consider giving your house a makeover with a little help from the professionals. Thankfully, finding carpet cleaning in St. Kilda is simple. With a little research into the right company, you can make your home your own personal tourist trap. 

Make Your Move Stress-Free By Using Vacate Cleaning in Melbourne

By using end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, you’re making a minimal investment to prevent damage charges from a former landlord. With so much to consider when moving to a new place, worrying about the final touches on an old house or an apartment can be frustrating or even overlooked. Many cleaning specialists have relationships with real estate agencies and know exactly how to get your old place ready to show to the market. With property values surging, vacate cleaning in Melbourne can help you transition from neighborhood to neighborhood quickly and hassle free. 

Choose a Cleaning Service That’s Best For You

You can find many services that provide home, office, and carpet cleaning in Hopper’s Crossing. When deciding on finding a cleaning service in your neighborhood, be sure to look for a reputable company. Ask questions about the best way to take care of your carpets, and look for businesses that offer professional guarantees, as this is an industry standard.

A fresh carpet is more comfortable than a carpet that has been worn down with tracked mud and other wear and tear, and creates a more welcoming environment for friends and family. As the play area for pets and children, your floors are a central part of your residence and require care in order to be kept free of dirt, dander, or other undesirable particles that could negatively affect your health.  With quality cleaning services in Melbourne, you can keep your home or business looking their best.

Vacate Cleaning

We can assist you in receiving your BOND back in FULL by cleaning the property that you are vacating.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Don’t just trust anyone to clean your expensive carpets, let Melbourne Central Cleaning take care of your carpets.

Pre-Sale Cleaning

We cater for all property types including homes, apartments and penthouses

Commercial Cleaning

Specialising in one-off commercial cleaning, Melbourne Central Cleaning has the knowledge and resources to clean your office, warehouse, business or shop.


Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with all the work you arrange for us on behalf of our valued clients. We are very proud to recommend your services as our preferred cleaning service, to tenants and landlords alike.
What sets Melbourne Central Cleaning apart from other cleaning services is the attention to detail and level of professionalism, from job booking through to key return and accounting.
In the real estate industry there are many times where, as the agent, you are expected to be able to deal with everything that comes your way with punctuality and ease.
Having a cleaning company that you have faith in, helps us fulfil the expectation of the client, as well as providing peace of mind to the agent, minimising what could’ve become a very stressful situation.
We look forward to maintaining and building on our working relationship for many years to come.

–Lvonne Di Perna

We have been engaging the services of Melbourne Central cleaning for the past 5 years. During this time they have carried out many cleaning jobs for us and always completed the jobs in an excellent manner. Their staff have been reliable and well trained. We would recommend their services to anyone.

–Jill Anderson

I have been using Melbourne Central Cleaning for a few years now. They have been very reliable with their service and have always understood what a “vacate clean” really is. Our clients have also been satisfied with their service and have no hesitation in recommending them for any of your cleaning needs.

–Little Residential

I have had the pleasure of using Melbourne Central Cleaning in both a professional and personal aspect (having worked with them in Property Management at 2 agencies and having them vacate clean a property I rented). I can confidently say they produce the highest level of cleaning work I’ve seen in my past 5 ½ years of working within the real estate industry. Attention to detail, friendly staff, reasonable pricing… I wouldn’t hesitate to go anywhere else.

-Lauren Turfboer

Thank-you for the opportunity to provide feedback on Melbourne Central Cleaning.I would highly recommend your services to anyone as I find you services are excellent. Not only do you get the job done quickly and effectively but you provide amazing customer service!
Your follow-up and communication is one that is very rare and hard to match.

–Roula Tassou