Beware Of The Dangers Of These Hotspots In Your Office – Know More!

Needless to say, germs are everywhere. You can’t just point out that they are there or here. Moreover, your workplace is no exception. Right from the desk you use to the door you open, germs travel with you anywhere & everywhere you go. They are never absent and always present, and they have a better attendance percentage than you have. It’s why we insist that you keep your hands and your surroundings as clean as possible. When it comes to office cleaning, it’s not the appeal that speaks your brand; it’s the productivity you gain. So, ensure to invest in professional office cleaning services in Melbourne to have a cleaner and healthier office. While hiring office cleaners, make sure to clean, sanitise these hotspot areas.

Your Office Carpets May Be The Culprit

Good air quality is one of the most important aspects of office cleaning. To ensure your space is not stuffy, check your carpet’s condition and hire commercial carpet cleaning services to clean them for you.  When you hire professional carpet cleaning services in melbourne, it will not only make your office carpets look great; it also helps minimise the stuffiness caused by them. Also, keep indoor plants to increase the flow of oxygen and make the place more breathable.

Door Knobs & Elevators

Like everyone, you may like riding in an elevator, but one of the most commonly touched areas in an office is, doorknobs and elevator buttons. That’s a lot of hands and a lot of germs. Thousands may have touched it and used it, and the germs will get passed on to your hand. So make sure to add these areas in your office cleaning checklist and sanitise them often.

Office Photocopy Machines

Photocopiers or Xerox machines are common in any office setups. Almost regularly, people take printouts for meetings and presentations. Then, you can very well imagine the number of hands that use it every day. You may develop a bacterial infection if you come in contact with bare hands. Poor hand washing and using these hotspots over and over will cause sickness and allergies.

Over To You

If a healthier office is what you love, invest in our commercial cleaning services and create environments that help optimise productivity, reduce sick days, and boost employee morale. For office cleaning services across Melbourne, call Melbourne Central Cleaning on 1300 855 088.