Top Reasons Why Office Cleaning is Essential In Summer

With summer in full swing, the temperatures are rising, and so are the cleaning challenges in your office space. Office Cleaning Melbourne becomes even more crucial during this season, as the heat and humidity can lead to various cleanliness and hygiene issues. Whether you run a bustling corporate office, a small business, or any other commercial space, Commercial Cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy and productive work environment. In this blog, we’ll provide you with five compelling reasons why office cleaning is essential during the summer months.

Enhanced Hygiene and Health

The summer heat can create a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens in your office. Regular Carpet Cleaning Melbourne can help eliminate dust mites, pollen, and other pollutants trapped in the carpets, ensuring better indoor air quality. On top of all, thorough cleaning and sanitisation can reduce the risk of illnesses and allergies among your employees.

Impress Clients and Visitors

First impressions matter, and a clean and well-maintained office space can leave a lasting positive impression on clients, partners, and visitors. End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne services ensure that your office looks its best, promoting professionalism and trust in your business.

Prepare for Move Out and Pre-sale

If you plan to move out of your current office space or sell the property, Move Out Cleaning and Pre-sale Cleaning Melbourne are crucial. These services not only help you leave the premises in top condition but also increase the chances of selling or leasing your space quickly and at a higher price.

Prevent Flood Damage

Summer often brings heavy rains and storms, leading to unexpected water damage in your office. To minimise the impact of such emergencies, consider having a plan in place for Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne. Quick action can save your office from extensive damage and downtime.

Maintain Productivity

Clean and organised office space can boost employee morale and productivity. During the summer, employees tend to be more affected by heat and discomfort. A clean and well-maintained office provides a comfortable environment that encourages productivity, helping your business thrive.

Office Cleaning is not just a seasonal chore but a year-round necessity, with summer being an especially critical time. Whether you need Carpet Cleaning Melbourne to improve air quality, End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne for a smooth transition, or Pre-sale Cleaning Melbourne to enhance property value, these services ensure a clean, healthy, and productive work environment.

And for those unexpected emergencies, like floods, trust the experts in flood damage restoration Melbourne to minimise the damage and disruption to your business. If you need deep cleaning in summer, call Melbourne Central Cleaning at 0414 626 876, 1300 85 50 88.

5 Things To Add In Your Office Cleaning Checklist This Autumn

Autumn is almost here! Although the weather is providing a fair share of sunshine, it’s the best time of the year to proceed with your office cleaning and some maintenance. It is essential to keep your office in top condition this season. Hiring a commercial cleaning Melbourne services can be a good idea, and is a must for your environment if they may have become a haven for germs and bacteria. Many factors like lack of ventilation, warm-moist air during winter has had given enough time and space for bugs and germs to flourish. So, when you consider cleaning your office environment, read our autumn commercial cleaning checklist to have a healthier and refreshing office space.


Cleaning your interior and the exterior windows are crucial. Your windows need maintenance. So, you might as well examine the exterior windows and the wood frames to determine whether they need painting or polishing or a deep clean. Dusting, wiping, and even restoring their look would help allow the natural light to fall in. You can even hire a window cleaning Melbourne service to help you.

Carpets & Furniture

During the winter, your carpets tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, debris, and pollutants. Now, it is a great time to deal with your carpets and furniture. By simply hiring a commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning Melbourne services, you can refresh your carpets and furniture and restore the condition to its new-look. A clean carpet and dust-free furniture enables a refreshing atmosphere in your office.

Counters, Desks, and Office Equipments

All these frequently used areas should be focused and deep cleaned. With the regular use and possibility of food spills, coffee spills, hard stains, these areas can get worse if not cleaned properly and promptly. So, you must make sure to add these areas to your autumn office cleaning checklist.


Floors are high-foot traffic areas and require professional clean up during autumn. It is crucial to clean up these areas to make it look neat and tidy.

It is good to keep your office environment as clean as possible as the season changes. So, if you require a office cleaning Melbourne, call our expert commercial cleaners from Melbourne Central Cleaning. For appointments, Call 1300 855 088 today.

Never Forget To Clean These Areas While Cleaning Your Office

Whether you’re a small or large business, a clean office improves your business’s bottom line. Moreover, COVID-19 has made everyone aware of how important office cleanliness is. However, still some spaces in your office get overlooked, and you would be surprised to know. Office cleaning is a tougher job than you think, and people forget to clean some spots that get missed during the cleaning. As these are important for a healthy office, we have compiled some of the areas that you can include in your office cleaning. You can also simply hire a professional office cleaning in Melbourne company for all your office cleaning needs!

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Walls

Generally, you don’t think about cleaning your office walls, and it often gets overlooked. Like carpets, walls acts a filter to trap in dust smudges, cobwebs and can make your office dirtier than you think. So, include walls in your office cleaning checklist, and remove all the cobwebs and dust from your walls. It helps in keeping the environment fresh and appealing as well.

Elevator Buttons & Door Handles

You may not even care about the cleanliness of your office door handles and elevator buttons. You probably wouldn’t have given much attention to these areas. But it’s often the hotspot for germs and bacteria. They pick up germs from different hands and become much dirtier than you can imagine. Including them in cleaning can help clean and sanitise these hotspot areas, and curb the spread of infections. As these are used by visitors every day, keeping them clean and bacteria-free is crucial.

Areas Behind The Appliances Need Cleaning Too

When you think about the machines and appliances you always clean computers, printers, microwave ovens, and refrigerators and coffee machines. However, what about the spaces behind them? They accumulate dust and cobwebs and need cleaning. It can bring up allergy issues, and become a haven for rodents. So, have these areas in your office cleaning checklist.

Phones are Germ Spots

Office phones are the hotspot for germs and contaminated easily. Make sure to disinfect them regularly to prevent the spread of disease.

Dust The Light Fixtures

Light fixtures get attention only when they stop working. However, they can gather a lot of dust and can make the space dusty. You must have them dusted and cleaned during the cleaning, and must include in your cleaning schedule.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for office cleaners in Melbourne to clean and dust your office, call Melbourne Central Cleaning on 1300 855 088.

Why Should You Increase The Frequency Of Deep Cleaning You For Your Office?

Whether your office is small or big, they get dirty, appear bad and even produce stale odours. Ever since the inception of coronavirus, businesses across the globe are actively hiring commercial cleaning services in Melbourne to dust, clean and sanitise their space to ensure a healthy & comfy place for their workers. However, when it comes to maintenance, the frequency of cleaning may differ and depends on the cleaning practices you follow. So, one must invest in professional office cleaning Melbourne services to make a cleaning plan for cleaning & disinfection to keep their space inviting and professional. So, in today’s blog, we tell you why you must increase the frequency of deep cleaning. Let’s get started.

Reduces Contamination

One of the most important factors to consider increasing the frequency is contamination.  As your employees are at a higher risk of contamination, you need to swipe, clean and sanitise all the hi-touch areas more often than required. The spread of infections is quicker than you think & frequently deep cleaning areas like laptop desks, countertops, keyboards, mouse, and many other items require cleaning & disinfection.

Enhances Better Workflow

A clean office impresses not only your visitors and clients; it attracts your employees, keeps them at comfort zone and boosts their creative minds to work better. By increasing the frequency of deep cleaning keep everyone safe and healthy. Also, as a busy facility, you need to maintain your office hygiene and improve your cleanliness standards.

Increases Reputation

With virtual meetings on the rise, real-time visits have gone less. However, if you’re inviting clients &  important people to your office, presenting a pleasant atmosphere before them is a must. With regular deep cleaning services, your office space will look cleaner, safer and sweet-smelling. This will improve better connections and makes them form a long association with you.

Bottom line

Whether you’re too busy to clean or want a healthy & safe atmosphere, call Melbourne Central Cleaning on 1300 855 088 today for office cleaners Melbourne experts.

Restore Your Productivity Through Professional Office Cleaning – Here’s How?

While the impact of COVID-19 has still not been under control, it’s essential to keep your office clean and sanitised. As there is so much work and pressure to keep your office running smoothly at this quarantine period, you may not have time to think about office cleanliness regularly. However, keeping the office clean, safe & sound daily should be a priority at this time. It will keep your employees safe and healthy, and also save your business money. Let’s understand how commercial cleaning can help restore your business productivity. You can simply hire a professional office cleaning Melbourne company for all your office cleaning needs!

Zero Employee Absenteeism

As companies have reopened their doors, the probability of employees going to offices is less in most cases. However, for daily employees, cleanliness and hygiene have already a threat. To ensure you stay out from all this, invest in office cleaning services. Though you may take stringent cleanliness measures in your office, frequent sick leaves of employees can cost you a lot of money. If you could favour your employees by keeping the workspace a clean and healthy, then the number of sick leaves will reduce and the workflow will not be disturbed.

Make Your Clients & Customers Feel Safe & Sound

Whether it’s your client or your customer, if they’re planning to visit your company during this pandemic; ensure your office space should be welcoming, comfortable and relaxed and safe. A clean office is more likely to keep them satisfied and it will make them come for more business prospects.

Improving Productivity

If you want to ensure your office going employees are achieving their productivity levels, offer them a clean workspace. It will make them efficient, and that’s needed for your business.

Do Cleanliness Check

When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, ensure that you’re getting the most out from your commercial cleaning Melbourne service company. Review the work of the cleaning team daily and look whether you need any improvement in any area. They will improve the efficiency of your business through sparkling cleanliness and help reduce costs.

Bottom line

By hiring office cleaners Melbourne, you can be assured that your workspace is protected, cleaned and sanitised beyond the standards. From keeping employees healthy, keeping your customers satisfied, or improving productivity, to ensure all these, hire commercial cleaners Melbourne from Melbourne Central Cleaning. For bookings, call 1300 855 088.

Office Cleaning for Healthier Employees and Happier Clients

Working in a clean, healthy environment can have a major impact on how people behave in the workplace. While your employees might be more concerned about the pay, holidays and allowances, one of the major issues affecting their overall performance is the office environment in which they work. Recently, a researcher at Harvard University also stated the same, ‘improved air quality improves productivity’.

A clean workspace benefits your customer service too when they visit your office. This develops your customer’s confidence in you when entering your business and encourages them to work with you. A clean office space adds more value to you by new showcasing your professionalism. You can hire a professional office cleaning Melbourne company to keep your employee’s health and to keep your clients happy.

Just because your office appears to be clean, doesn’t mean that there is nothing atrocious in it. Still, have a doubt why office cleaning is more important for both of your employees and clients? Then let me shoot out some interesting stats below about cleanliness in the workspace for better understanding on the significance of office cleaning.

Keyboards, computer mouses, monitors, phones and furniture (Chairs and tables) which are the major components in the workspace not only for the employees to work but also serves as a living area for developing more than 20,000 germs per square inch.

On average, an officer’s work desk contributes for 10 million bacteria growth which accounts to be 100 times in a kitchen sink and 400 times in a toilet seat. Daily sanitising reduces the increase in surface bacteria by 30 percent.

Men’s workspaces are 20 percent dirtier than the women’s workspace. So, employers employing more men in their work should concentrate more on office cleaning.

The air quality in a closed office space is worse than the open space. As discussed earlier in this article, the improved air quality improves the productivity and performance of the employees.

75 percent of the contagious diseases can easily spread in washroom sinks, water cooler buttons, refrigerator handles and water fountains, etc, in the office.

Thinking about never touching anything in the office again, that is practically not feasible my dear friends. Then, what could the solution for preventing the above issues arising in office space? The best way to be free from diseases in the office is to get a quality commercial cleaning Melbourne service providers in your suburbs for office cleaning for healthier employers and happier clients.

The bottom line is that you want people, both employees and clients to feel good about your workspace and a professional office cleaning service provider helps you to do that. Keeping the workspace clean by hiring a quality cleaning service provider is the best idea if you don’t manage or not ready to invest in an in-house cleaning service team which increases your investment cost and work burden.

If your work environment is untidy, your clients might assume you are careless about what you do. Whether seeking to attract new clients or retaining the existing clients, cleanliness of your office space can give you an advantage and no frustrations or bad days for your employees. Hire a professional office cleaners Melbourne from Melbourne Central Cleaning who meets all your office cleaning needs!

How Often Does Your Office Need Cleaning? Find Out!

Have you ever been awestruck by visiting a sparkling clean office? Let it not be a dream anymore. You can hire commercial cleaning services to keep your office space clean, organised & sparkling all day long. As expectations regarding cleanliness & safety are at a peak now, hiring commercial cleaners Melbourne company can guarantee the best cleaning for your facility. However, some of you may doubt how often you need to clean the office. Well, it depends on your facility and the type of waste you produce.  So, when everything is clean & organised, your staff will be safe & productivity will be high & people will be comfortable visiting your space. From your entrance to the restroom, everything has to be cleaned twice a day and make professional cleaning at least twice a month to maintain the appeal and health of your workers.

Your Floors Need Care

Offices have different flooring options & demand proper care. Hiring a reputed office cleaning Melbourne company who specialises in cleaning various floors is the best way to treat them. Proper maintenance & cleaning of all types of floors is crucial in preventing slips and falls in the workplace.

Clean Fixtures & Walls

Having dusty walls can put you in trouble and can cause respiratory issues. Also, light levels get reduced when your light fixtures are dirty and not well maintained. Improper lighting can make your work difficult & dust falling from the light or the wall can be harmful to people with respiratory issues.

Proper Disposal Of Wastes

An excess of clutter and trash can be a lovely spot for pests. It can pose a threat to your business, especially if you are in the hotel or health care industry. With poor cleaning, things can get much worse. No matter what business you are in, ensure to keep your premises clean so that your staff or customers or visitors won’t have to share the space with dirty mice or marching ants. Hire professional cleanings twice a month to keep the space welcoming and tidy and put an end to the accumulation of dirt & waste.

Bottom Line

Your workplace is prone to developing dirt & dust where the spread of illness is high & can affect your productivity. When you keep up the professional cleanings right from trash removal to restroom cleaning, floor care, surface dusting & general cleaning, your office will look great all the time and your employees will feel comfortable working in a clean office.

So, if you’re looking for professional commercial cleaners Melbourne to keep your space clean, tidy and organised all the time, call Melbourne Central Cleaning on 1300 855 088 today.

Beware Of The Dangers Of These Hotspots In Your Office – Know More!

Needless to say, germs are everywhere. You can’t just point out that they are there or here. Moreover, your workplace is no exception. Right from the desk you use to the door you open, germs travel with you anywhere & everywhere you go. They are never absent and always present, and they have a better attendance percentage than you have. It’s why we insist that you keep your hands and your surroundings as clean as possible. When it comes to office cleaning, it’s not the appeal that speaks your brand; it’s the productivity you gain. So, ensure to invest in professional office cleaning services in Melbourne to have a cleaner and healthier office. While hiring office cleaners, make sure to clean, sanitise these hotspot areas.

Your Office Carpets May Be The Culprit

Good air quality is one of the most important aspects of office cleaning. To ensure your space is not stuffy, check your carpet’s condition and hire commercial carpet cleaning services to clean them for you.  When you hire professional carpet cleaning services in melbourne, it will not only make your office carpets look great; it also helps minimise the stuffiness caused by them. Also, keep indoor plants to increase the flow of oxygen and make the place more breathable.

Door Knobs & Elevators

Like everyone, you may like riding in an elevator, but one of the most commonly touched areas in an office is, doorknobs and elevator buttons. That’s a lot of hands and a lot of germs. Thousands may have touched it and used it, and the germs will get passed on to your hand. So make sure to add these areas in your office cleaning checklist and sanitise them often.

Office Photocopy Machines

Photocopiers or Xerox machines are common in any office setups. Almost regularly, people take printouts for meetings and presentations. Then, you can very well imagine the number of hands that use it every day. You may develop a bacterial infection if you come in contact with bare hands. Poor hand washing and using these hotspots over and over will cause sickness and allergies.

Over To You

If a healthier office is what you love, invest in our commercial cleaning services and create environments that help optimise productivity, reduce sick days, and boost employee morale. For office cleaning services across Melbourne, call Melbourne Central Cleaning on 1300 855 088.

Quick And Easy Tips On Cleaning Your Office Electronics

Electronics and appliances are some of the most essential things in a workplace. Without these items, it would be too difficult for the employees to be productive. Therefore, you should make it a point to include cleaning those electronics as a part of your regular office cleaning task by hiring a professional office cleaning Melbourne company experts.


Let’s begin with your computers as they work as hard as you do. Well, make sure that you clean your computers every week to prevent dirt from building up. Accumulated dirt can slow down the performance of your PC drastically. Cleaning your computer includes not only the monitor but the mouse, keyboard, fan, webcam and other parts as well.


Of course, your printer and computer work together most of the time. All work you do on your computer is produced as a hard copy with the help of a printer. Being that said, don’t forget to clean your printer regularly. Simply wiping them off with a piece of dry cloth will do a lot of wonders.

Wires and Cords:

Well, wires and cords are found everywhere in a workplace, so you will need to de-clutter them before you start cleaning. Make sure that you have arranged your wired devices properly, and only place the essential items near the outlet so that the wires won’t block the pathway. Just like other electronics, regularly clean and dust them off using a damp cloth. Before plugging them up, don’t forget to dry them.


If your business has a television, pay attention to cleaning them too! Use a damp cloth to clean the screen whereas the back of the TV should be cleaned using a dry cloth. Of course, you must unplug the television before you start cleaning.

Call the Commercial Cleaners!

Do you have an exciting yet tiresome commercial cleaning project to outsource? Why not entrust the job to Melbourne Central Cleaning? Specialised in all sorts of cleaning jobs such as commercial cleaning, bond cleaning, carpet cleaning, move out cleaning, end of lease cleaning, vacate cleaning, window cleaning and office cleaning, we have been serving our residential and commercial clients across Melbourne with our commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. To learn how our office cleaners melbourne experts can help you with your cleaning requirements, feel free to call 1300 855 088 and talk to us today.

A Clean Office Can Help Earn Good Prospects? – Here’s How?

A customer or a prospective client will generate opinions about your business based on the cleanliness that your office provides. As a result, they will value your products and services accordingly. This is why having a commercial cleaning by your side always proves fruitful in many ways. Not only can they help make your office look clean, but they also help control the spread of bacteria and viruses, thereby making the environment safer and healthier for your employees. If you’re too curious about how a clean office help generates more money, let’s get it started.

Boosts Employee Morale

Almost 70% of the employees love to work in a clean workplace, they judge your reputation based on the hygiene and cleanliness that you offer. If your office doesn’t match the cleaning standards, they would reconsider their options and move to another company, and you could be losing the skilled employees that can make a significant improvement in your yearly turnover.

 Some new employees would decide to get into your office by reading the online reviews about your company’s ambience and the cleanliness that are posted by past or current employees. So, it’s best to invest in commercial cleaning services in Melbourne company to make your office look clean and spotless all the time. If your office provides high-level cleanliness and is organized, people will eventually shout out your brand’s image and share with other people.

Attracts Prospective Clients

First impressions are all matters when it comes to attracting your potential client. If the office space is well-maintained and flawless, your clients will trust in your efficiency and value your association and will continue to give business to you in all their future projects.

It Enhances Your Brand Image

Regardless of the type of business, when you maintain a clean environment, it shows your quality and professionalism and convinces the potential client or a customer that you value your people and business and enhance your brand image.

Bottom Line

When it comes to office cleanliness, curb appeal matters, and it can make a significant change in your business.

Over To You

If office cleaning is a serious concern for you, call our office cleaners Melbourne from Melbourne Central Cleaning. For bookings, call us on 1300 85 50 88.