Never Forget To Clean These Areas While Cleaning Your Office

Whether you’re a small or large business, a clean office improves your business’s bottom line. Moreover, COVID-19 has made everyone aware of how important office cleanliness is. However, still some spaces in your office get overlooked, and you would be surprised to know. Office cleaning is a tougher job than you think, and people forget to clean some spots that get missed during the cleaning. As these are important for a healthy office, we have compiled some of the areas that you can include in your office cleaning. You can also simply hire a professional office cleaning in Melbourne company for all your office cleaning needs!

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Walls

Generally, you don’t think about cleaning your office walls, and it often gets overlooked. Like carpets, walls acts a filter to trap in dust smudges, cobwebs and can make your office dirtier than you think. So, include walls in your office cleaning checklist, and remove all the cobwebs and dust from your walls. It helps in keeping the environment fresh and appealing as well.

Elevator Buttons & Door Handles

You may not even care about the cleanliness of your office door handles and elevator buttons. You probably wouldn’t have given much attention to these areas. But it’s often the hotspot for germs and bacteria. They pick up germs from different hands and become much dirtier than you can imagine. Including them in cleaning can help clean and sanitise these hotspot areas, and curb the spread of infections. As these are used by visitors every day, keeping them clean and bacteria-free is crucial.

Areas Behind The Appliances Need Cleaning Too

When you think about the machines and appliances you always clean computers, printers, microwave ovens, and refrigerators and coffee machines. However, what about the spaces behind them? They accumulate dust and cobwebs and need cleaning. It can bring up allergy issues, and become a haven for rodents. So, have these areas in your office cleaning checklist.

Phones are Germ Spots

Office phones are the hotspot for germs and contaminated easily. Make sure to disinfect them regularly to prevent the spread of disease.

Dust The Light Fixtures

Light fixtures get attention only when they stop working. However, they can gather a lot of dust and can make the space dusty. You must have them dusted and cleaned during the cleaning, and must include in your cleaning schedule.

Bottom Line

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